FAQ’S, First Nations PowerSports


1How do I know you’ve got what I want?

Our dealer partners have affiliation with every major brand of new & used vehicles, RV, marine and leisure products across Canada. Regardless of what you're looking for, we will get it for you or you can even give us a link to something that you have found yourself at a dealer or privately.

2Who is First Nations Powersports?
First Nations Powersports is a lead generation company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. We are a Canadian-based marketing team and have been doing business online for more than 10 years. You can reach us at
info© and there is no place too far and no challenge too tall for us to overcome to make your dreams come true.
3What Makes Us Different?
4Do I Have to be Status Indian to Apply?

Here at FNPS we help people from all walks of life and our team has been built with that same level of care & consideration. We do not discriminate in regards to who we help nor to who we employ and we operate within a fully inclusive environment with the same respect to culture that First Nations Communities exemplify. Do you happen to be First Nations by descent or do you have another background?

5How long will it take to get my new toy?

It depends on quite a wide range of factors. If transport to your community is open and readily available, then arrangements for shipping or delivery can be made right away. If there is a backorder for transit, or not yet safe then there may be a delay. Our delivery partners do their very best to arrange delivery as soon as possible - trust us we do not want to keep you waiting.

6Where are you located?

We actually have offices all over Canada. (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario) even as far east as PEI...

7Do I need a Down Payment?
8What is my rate going to be?

We actually have no idea without more info from you because if we quote a rate we will lose either way. Check this out, if we quote a higher rate to be conservative than you may not come back to us or even give us a shot. Alternatively if we quote too low but the actual approval ends up being a much higher rate we will lose our credibility? You see how we cannot win by quoting a rate without more info?

The rate could be anywhere from 0% up to 30% or perhaps not even an approval at all right away and we would need a different strategy. What kind of a rate are you after based on your current loans? What kind of rates have you had in the past? What is a safe monthly budget that you have in mind?

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