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We work together with all First Nations communities across Canada to help you achieve your financial goals for Auto, Leisure, RV and marine. 

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First Nations Powersports assists Canadian Families from all over the country to reach their goals and enjoy the best terms & conditions possible when shopping for the next memory making toy for their families. We work with our clients on their life long journeys; honoring their traditions and cultures; and championing access to financing for First Nations people within our organization and with all of our dealer partners.


We believe that maintaining respectful relationships is fundamental to the achievement of our shared vision. Respectful relationships are built upon the recognition that we all have something to contribute as individuals, and participants in the First Nations peoples pursuit for financing. Therefore, we commit to treating each other with dignity and generosity, being responsive to one another, and acknowledging that each entity has their own respective processes and practices. We are also committed to respectful interactions with First Nations, tripartite partners, and other collaborators.

We have the historic opportunity to achieve transformative change in First Nations finance & budgeting, and an obligation to make the most of this opportunity. This will require discipline among us, including through: loyalty to one another and our shared vision; upholding and supporting our roles, responsibilities, decisions, and processes; maintaining and nurturing unity and a united front; integrity and reliability in fulfilling our commitments, and accountability to one another for these



We are here because of those that came before us, and to work on behalf of First Nations. We draw upon the diverse and unique cultures, ceremonies, customs, and teachings of First Nations for strength, wisdom, and guidance. We uphold traditional and holistic approaches to health and self-care and strive to achieve a balance in our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.

We are humbled and honoured to have been asked by many First Nations People to work on their behalf to achieve better credit and purchase with only the best terms and conditions, and have a moral and personal responsibility to strive for excellence. Excellence means that our outcomes are sustainable, that our processes are professional and transparent, and that we commit to learn continuously – through capacity development opportunities, from each other and from new, different and innovative models worldwide.



We work to improve the finance goals of all First Nations in Canada. Our decision making reflects the best interests of all First Nations, and leads to just and equitable treatment among all First Nations communities, First Nations organizations, and across all regions of Canada. We are committed to make room for everyone, and are inclusive in our communications, information-sharing, and discussions.

Your Go-To ATV And Snowmobile Dealer in Canada

At First Nation Powersports we processed over 10,982 Loans Approved and Counting With Delivery Options Anywhere in Canada.

Whether it is via Air, Rail, Cargo, Barge or Personal Transport, We Will Find Your Doorstep To Make Purchasing From Home a Comfortable Experience.