Looking for used quads in Edmonton? You’re in luck! The vibrant quad market in the city offers a wealth of choices for both novices and seasoned riders. Whether you’re planning to traverse Edmonton’s scenic trails or need a sturdy quad for work, this guide covers you.


Quad vs ATV

quad vs atv

“Quad” and “ATV” are terms frequently used interchangeably in off-road vehicles, but they have distinct definitions. A “quad,” short for “quadricycle,” specifically refers to a four-wheeled off-road vehicle characterized by its straddled seat and handlebars for steering. On the other hand, “ATV” stands for “All-Terrain Vehicle,” a broader term encompassing vehicles designed to tackle varied terrains, which can have three, four, or even six wheels. Hence, while all quads are ATVs, not all ATVs are quads.


Best Places to Find Used Quads For Sale in Edmonton

Used Quad For Sale Edmonton

With its flourishing quad community, Edmonton offers numerous avenues to procure used quads for those keen on exploring its vast terrains without splurging on a new machine. Local Classifieds such as Kijiji and Edmonton Journal Classifieds often have listings from private sellers, providing potential buyers with a direct route to negotiate and assess the quad’s condition firsthand. First Nation Power Sports is an ATV Dealership with a huge section of used quads, ensuring that pre-owned vehicles meet specific quality standards, often accompanied by warranties. Dealerships not only offer peace of mind but also provide financing options. Local Quad Clubs and Forums can also be an invaluable resource to discover what type of quad or ATV you would like to purchase.  Engaging with community members can lead to word-of-mouth deals, and fellow enthusiasts might point you to reputable sellers or upcoming sales events.


Lastly, Annual Trade Shows and Expos held in Edmonton sometimes feature stalls or sections dedicated to pre-owned off-road vehicles, allowing buyers to compare multiple options in one venue. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newbie, Edmonton’s diverse marketplace ensures you’ll find a used quad that suits your needs and budget.


Quadding in Alberta

quadding in Alberta

With Alberta’s diverse landscapes and trails, quadding enthusiasts have many options. Whether venturing through dense forests, rolling dunes, or mountainous terrains, there’s an adventure waiting for every rider. Always ensure you ride responsibly and are aware of local regulations.

  1. Bragg Creek: Located just west of Calgary, Bragg Creek offers mixed terrains from dense woods to open trails, making it a scenic and adventurous spot for quad enthusiasts.

  2. McLean Creek OHV Area: One of Alberta’s most popular off-highway vehicle areas, it boasts a vast network of trails that run through forests and over rolling hills.

  3. Whitecourt: With over 350 km of maintained trails, it’s a haven for quadding and snowmobiling, especially during winter.

  4. Fort McMurray: Surrounded by expansive wilderness, the city’s outskirts provide numerous trails that offer forested and wetland terrains.

  5. Crowsnest Pass: Mountainous terrains and historical sites, including trails through abandoned coal mines and old railway tracks, make this a unique spot for quadding.

  6. Red Deer River Valley: Combine your quadding adventure with camping amidst picturesque views in this valley.

  7. Sand Hills Recreation Area: This area near Lake Newell provides vast dunes for those craving dune riding.

  8. Tunnel Mountain Drive: Known for its panoramic views of the Bow River and Bow Valley, it’s among the region’s top off-road & ATV trails.

  9. Hidden Trails Adventures: An unforgettable trail experience that seems perfect for special occasions, with testimonials praising Rob & Bonnie’s efforts in making it memorable.

  10. Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail: A versatile trail offering biking and hiking opportunities, with the section between Heinsburg being a standout.

  11. Barry’s Ultra Motorsports Park: Located in Alberta’s picturesque countryside, this motorsports park offers off-road and ATV trails and motorcycle paths.

  12. ATV Triple Crown: A noted trail among the ATV community, it promises new terrains to conquer for enthusiasts.


The Evolution of Quads: A Journey Through Time

From their inception in the 1960s, quads, also known as All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), have undergone a remarkable transformation. Originating in Japan with the three-wheeled Honda ATC, these vehicles were initially tools for farming. However, safety concerns in the 1980s spurred a shift to the more stable four-wheeled design, broadening their appeal beyond utility to recreation.

This surge in popularity led to enhanced safety regulations by the late 1980s, including age restrictions and mandatory training. As their versatility became evident, quads diversified into various sectors, from military operations to adventurous expeditions.

Today, quads are more than just vehicles. There is a vast and growing demand for ATV and Quad recreational vehicles. Purchasing a used quad or ATV invites you on an adventure to explore the rugged and vast Albertan terrains.